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Global contact centre network committed to providing optimum customer experience.


Global contact centre network committed to providing optimum customer experience.


NACCENT was established in 1993 after realising a lack of centrally managed multilingual services in the market. We help our clients conduct campaigns with global reach, while consistently maintaining a highly professional, personalised approach.


Managing campaigns centrally provides the highest ROI and maintains a consistent strategy. We have the experience and expertise to manage your international campaigns, working with you to develop the optimum results.


Native language call centre agents operating in country offer a dramatically better customer experience than the offshore alternatives. NACCENT is therefore a global network of 17 contact centres focused on delivering the best results, whether a one-off marketing campaign or a fully outsourced customer service facility.

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NACCENT uses a state of the art cloud-based telephony platform which allows real time, accurate and customised reporting accessible through the Marketpoint Live! System. Call Flow Plans are easy to design, view and modify day to day. From call routing to overnight mail boxes and even whisper messages which introduce a customer to the call centre agent.


NACCENT’s core objective is to provide the optimum customer experience. Working as an extension of your business we seek to provide the highest possible customer satisfaction, adding value to your brand. Research shows that one of the main reasons for customer dissatisfaction is poor customer service or a bad experience with a contact centre.