Expert SEO Offer Consultancy to The Maitland Clinic Hair Transplant Clinic

Clinics in Portsmouth and London’s Harley Street

It’s not often that we take on new clients, but when we met with The Maitland Clinic team we were really impressed with their ethos and standard of care that they offer their patients. It’s an exciting project to be involved with, as their hair transplant clinic based in Portsmouth (as well as a clinic on Harley Street in London) is leading the way with this type of surgical procedure.

They are an ethical and expert team, and working with them has been an absolute pleasure over the last few months. If you are looking for information from a hair loss clinic on the south coast then please note that they don’t just serve patients in the London and Portsmouth areas – they also work with people from Southampton – view The Maitland Clinic page for Southampton patients – and Bournemouth and Dorset.

For more information and to benefit from a free consultation please contact their hair loss clinic.  You can do that by calling them on the following phone number and also view their clinic address shown below:

The Maitland Clinic
1000 Lakeside North Harbour
Western Road

Telephone: 0800 612 6076

If you would like to use our consultancy services then please find out more about us here.

PS: We have recently helped out with a website re-design project for a friend of ours who offers private yoga lessons in London. You can see that work on Inner and Outer Yoga.