Personal Injury Lead Generation Services Launched by FIMA Digital

Who FIMA Will Work With

If you are a solicitor, lawyer, accident claims company, or a marketing firm working in this niche, then FIMA Digital should have a solution to help and support you. They work in a number of different ways when it comes to generating PI leads and those strategies are all outlined below.

Personal Injury Lead Generation

FIMA can develop a bespoke lead generation website for your firm, which will target specific accident claims niches, or a geographic area. This is great for local solicitors who need the support of a specialist SEO company who know the personal injury claims market.

The websites that FIMA develop have conversion rates of up to 70% and generate hundreds of phone calls and emails into their partners every month. The client enquiries that these websites generate are all from real people who need the services of a personal injury solicitor so are one hundred percent qualified and relevant.

Personal Injury Leads for Sale or Wanted

In addition to website development and SEO, FIMA can also supply leads into the legal industry in other methods. They are also very open to working with partners who have leads for sale that they cannot monetize in any way.

FIMA can also work on personal injury leads with their partners who specialise in paid traffic methods, email and database marketing, and social strategies.

So if you work in the legal industry and need more business, or are currently developing leads and don’t know what you can do with them, please make sure that you contact FIMA today to talk to a representative about how they can help you.